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Some Feelings are Impossible to Hide


Isn’t it amazing how you can instantly tell what a dog is feeling from the expression on his face? This dog is almost ready to talk!  We can virtually see what he is thinking simply by looking at him.

This is not the type of expression you will find on a person’s face very often.  People are different when it comes to showing emotion. We tend to hide things more.

In particular, we hide our  feelings because we are scared that a display of emotion will cause us embarrassment or possibly get us into trouble.

So we don’t cry in public. We try not to reveal our irritation and we try to hide our anger even when we feel like bursting. Even our emails and letters to one another don’t accurately reveal what we are really thinking and feeling.

You can’t hide Feelings in Handwriting

What most people don’t realize is that a page of handwriting is rather like the expression on a dog’s face. Moods, emotions, likes and dislikes are clearly apparent even from a single paragraph.

As soon as anyone puts pen to paper, he is unwittingly laying bare the very essence of his makeup.

It’s all out there for you to see – provided of course that you know something about graphology!

Some people think that graphologists are only interested in t-bars and i-dots. But that is far from the truth. A graphologist’s world revolves around human emotions and human relationships.

The signs and clues in handwriting are merely the tools that enable us to move within the larger context of human feeling and expression.

Graphologists deal with people; with their hopes and fears, with their dreams and disappointments, with their successes and their failures.

The basis of graphology is and always will be about learning to understand people of all types.

So while we are reading the signs and clues in handwriting, we are really reaching deeper into the world of feelings and emotions.

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