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The Passion and Excitement in Darwin’s Handwriting

Darwin was the English naturalist who famously proposed the Theory of Evolution.  His most famous book was The Origin of Species for which he did a lot of research in person.  To do this he went to sea in the famous “Beagle” and travelled to the Galapagos islands where he was able to personally survey and research the animal and bird life.

The following sample of Darwin’s handwriting is taken from a collection of his rough notes. The passion and excitement of discovery come through clearly.

As a sample it is of particular interest to us because the handwriting is so spontaneous. His speed of thought and high intelligence are clear to see.

But even more interesting is the obvious enthusiasm and fervour with which he wrote about his subject matter.

Darwin-handwritingDarwin was featured a lot recently because of the celebrations in honour of of his birthday 200 years ago – he was born in  February 1809.

I’ve always thought that Photographs of Darwin are formal and posed and maintain the 200 year distance  between us. Somehow, they reveal very little about the man, himself.

But when you look at his handwriting he really comes to life!  You can see the fire and the passion that moved him.  He was totally inspired!

His handwriting is as lively, vibrant and vigorous as when he first wrote it. It highlights his dynamic personality as nothing else can.

Take a careful look at this sample and note the clarity, the incisive strokes and the intelligent shortcuts. As handwritings go this one is really packed with personality!

You will find a more detailed analysis of Darwin’s handwriting here.

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