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Signs of Dishonesty in handwriting

Yes,  it’s possible to identify several signs of dishonesty in handwriting but it isn’t quite as straightforward as you may think. Let me explain.

You’ve probably noticed that people have different standards of honesty. What is honest to one person is dishonest to another. There isn’t a straight answer simply because there are so many different types of dishonesty ranging from white lies to outright fraud.

For example, a co-worker may tell you that you look awful after your recent bout of flu.  He is simply being honest. But your friend may be more tactful and say that you are looking a lot better even though you know that you look awful. Your friend may be telling a white lie just to make you feel better but can we accuse her of being dishonest? In other words, is tact a form of dishonesty?

Or take another situation where you may return incorrect change to the supermarket, but someone else will hold onto it and consider it to be a minor windfall.

These are different degrees of dishonesty but the bottom line is that in handwriting we cannot label them as dishonesty. The reason is that these “minor infractions” are not ingrained in the subconscious mind of the individual as deceitful.

Dishonesty has to be habitual before it will show up in the handwriting.  When it becomes a habit it makes a mark or impression on the personality.  And this is when we we are able to detect it in the handwriting.

Dishonesty in a habitual thief is therefore easier to identify. His character will bear the scars of his lifestyle and these scars will be reflected in his handwriting.

There are quite a few signs of dishonesty in handwriting. But you should only identify them as dishonesty

  • if they occur frequently
  • or if they are seen to be in groups or syndromes with other similar signs.

I rely on several signs to help me to detect dishonesty. But I cannot publish them here because they are not meant for public use. You see, a lot of damage can be done if dishonesty is miss-diagnosed.

However, if you have a genuine interest in this and seriously want to know more please contact me to get my Free Ebook with the most prevalent signs of dishonesty in handwriting. But use these pointers with discretion as this information is for your interest only and is not meant to label anyone.


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