A Graphology Showcase

A Graphology Showcase


A 67-page downloadable book packed with Articles, tips and insights that focus on the most fascinating aspects of Graphology.

A Graphology Showcase is an absorbing collection of articles about handwriting that will delight newbies and beginners as well as the more experienced handwriting analysts.

There are articles about honesty and dishonesty in handwriting, children’s handwriting and how to detect cruelty in handwriting.

You can also find out about checking for intelligence in your handwriting, how your handwriting expresses your feelings, male and female handwriting and a lot more.

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A Graphology Showcase is a collection of articles, tips and discussions about the many applications of Graphology. The articles include a wide variety of topics about handwriting and personality.

List of Contents:

  • Left handed writers and left slanted writing
  • Signs of intelligence in handwriting
  • A bit about rhythm
  • Book Focus
  • Honesty and Dishonesty
  • Position of the Pen and paper
  • Male and Female Handwriting
  • Handwriting and communication
  • Graphology and Snake oil
  • Cursive and Print
  • Handwriting Analysis in the Classroom
  • Did you Know?
  • Doctors and Handwriting
  •  A Tip
  • Face to Face with Yourself
  • Check for energy in Handwriting
  • Graphology and Validation
  • A Fun Personality Test
  • Character Types
  • Decisiveness in Handwriting
  • Questions and Answers
  • A Thought about Self-Recognition
  • Children’s Handwriting
  • Doodles and Scribbles
  • The PPI and Self-Esteem
  • Cruelty in Handwriting
  • The Dynamic or Inhibited Personality
  • About Shakespeare’s Signature
  • A finger on the Emotional Pulse
  • A Different Angle
  • More about Intelligence
  • The Perfect Handwriting
  • The Graphologist’s Dream
  • More about the PPI
  • Question Time
  • The Uniqueness of Personality
  • Fat Handwriting
  • Graphology as Entertainment
  • Solving Problems?
  • Personality Check
  • Writing as an expression of Feelings
  • Thin Writing
  • Questions Answers and Comments
  • Ugly Handwriting
  • Questions Answers and Comments

A Graphology Showcase is available as a downloadable ebook and is exclusive to Graphology World.