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What Rhythm in your Handwriting says about your emotional state

Rhythm in handwriting

Are you tense and angry or calm and grounded?  The rhythm in your handwriting may just have the answer for you.

Rhythm is all around us. We can see it in nature, in the ebb and flow of the tides and in the changing of the seasons.

We can feel the rhythm in our own lives with every heartbeat and in our breathing. We respond to the beat of the universe with the soles of our feet and transform the sensation into dance.

It’s hardly surprising then, that rhythm should play an important role in our handwriting too. In fact, the inner rhythm of every individual is reflected in his or her handwriting.

A rhythmical handwriting shows a person at peace with himself. It is calm, relaxed and has a certain flow about it. Take a look at the handwriting of  Mother Theresa below.

There is consistency and regularity in the rhythm although it is not monotonous.

A handwriting with a rhythm that is too even and therefore monotonous would speak of stereotype and a lack of individuality.

In contrast to the rhythmical handwriting above, here is a handwriting that is totally devoid  of rhythm:

The messiness simply adds to the confusion. The writer is tense, angry, unfocused and lacks direction.

An experienced graphologist will be sensitive to the rhythm of handwriting and will know how to read it and respond to it as a doctor understands the pulse of a patient. It’s all a matter of degree.

Take a look at your own handwriting and see if it explains anything about your current state of mind.

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