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J.K. Rowling’s Signature and why Forgers Love it

J.K. Rowling

When I first thought of writing about J.K. Rowling’s signature I had no idea that it would be so difficult.  And I don’t mean the graphological analysis itself.

I simply mean that finding an authentic J.K. Rowling signature is quite a mission.

I  searched high and low for a genuine J.K. Rowling signature but it appeared that so many are forged that it’s impossible to vouch for them.

It seems that the author of Harry Potter has such a highly prized signature that it is much sought after by forgers.

Apparently there is a huge market out there for her genuine signature which is regarded as a  valuable commodity!

JK Rowling herself warns autograph collectors about scams and says that her only genuine signatures are to be found in books that come from authorized book dealers.

The following signature comes from the website where there is a detailed explanation about fake signatures pertaining to much of the Harry Potter Merchandise that is available.

A Description of J.K. Rowling’s Signature

At any rate, here is the signature I found there.  It purports to  be a “Sample of authentic J.K. Rowling autograph”


The most striking thing about this signature is the enormous amount of imagination that it shows.  It really is a marvellous demonstration of the intelligent use of creativity and inventiveness.

The high lasso-like arches extend into the world of fantasy but the firm ductus and strong downstrokes keep it grounded firmly in reality. The formation of the “w” of Rowling is rather ingenious and quite unique.

The signature as a whole speaks of  strong independence and shows that J.K. Rowling has the courage of her convictions. And we know this to be true from her determined comments in the face of criticism. In fact the “K” shows evidence of her fighting spirit.

But take a look at the small “o” in the middle of the signature. It shows that she originally came from a place where feelings of insecurity were not unknown to her. At some time in her life she must have felt pretty insignificant – a feeling that stayed with her for a long time but which has largely been dissipated as a  result of all the adulation that fame and fortune has brought her.

But the remnants still remain there in a rather discreet way as a permanent reminder of her early days as a young author when she was firmly wedged in a place between shyness and obscurity.

Today, her signature speaks eloquently of her confidence and well-earned pride that burgeoned with the growth of her fame and success.


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