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Handwriting and the Mystery of Human Behaviour

The mystery of human behaviour

The Mystery of Human Behaviour

Human behaviour can be very strange. People say they want to be understood but they go to great lengths to avoid being understood.

They put up barriers, hide behind their particular facades or camouflage their real personalities in one way or another. Even their facial expressions belie their real emotions. Human behaviour can be strange indeed.

So  how do you get to the real person behind all the pretence?

Graphologists have something of an advantage here because they can glean valuable insights from handwriting. And that is precisely why a knowledge of graphology is so useful to individuals who need to understand more about the people they associate with.

But this is not only applicable to individuals – there are many companies and professional services who find graphology valuable too.

For example, graphology is used by firms who want to make sure that their employees are a suitable fit for the company culture. Not only that, many of their human resource officers rely on handwriting analysis to help with selecting personnel because they know that applicants cannot be trusted to answer questionnaires about themselves with objectivity.

They understand that most applicants would never admit to having problems with temper, or anger management or in some cases, even dishonesty.

The teaching profession is another area where some knowledge of handwriting is an asset. Teachers can never overestimate the importance of being aware of certain issues that their students may be facing.  Just a cursory look at the handwriting can alert a teacher to the fact that the student may be struggling with a debilitating problem.

There’s another side to handwriting too, which is intriguing for the ordinary person who simply wants to explore the possibilities.

Graphology can give them a peep into the personalities of the rich and famous, of historical characters and even their own ancestors. By examining the handwriting of presidents, royalty, film stars and politicians they can see what drives them or demotivates them.

All this is possible. But more importantly graphology allows the analyst to identify problems and real life issues that people face without being intrusive.

So for graphologists its important to remember that whenever they study someone’s handwriting they are not merely looking at a written page. They are looking into a real live person’s feelings, motives and behaviour and they have to be sensitive about it.

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