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Graphology Gems

Welcome to Graphology Gems – a completely new category of mini blog posts that I have envisioned and thought about for some time. The idea is to throw a spotlight on one particular aspect of personality only and to explore it through the medium of handwriting. Because when viewed through the prism of handwriting some meaningful truths about our lives can often emerge.

These little “graphology gems” will take their inspiration from memes and quotes from a variety of writers and thinkers and they will be illustrated with a handwriting sample that is pertinent to that particular personality trait. Each of the accompanying quotes therefore, will be illustrated with a handwriting sample that encapsulates the central truth of that particular meme or quote.  

The first of my Graphology Gems is called The Tight Bud. I will be adding to these from time to time. Meanwhile, I invite you to pause, linger and enjoy your favourite handwriting gems; and if the spirit so moves you, to add your thoughts to the comments.

Here are the first few Graphology Gems in the Mini-series:

The Tight Bud

The Power of Imagination

Picasso: A Creative Mind


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