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How to Acquire the Gift of Understanding and Insight

gift of understanding

How often do we investigate the real meaning of words?   Take ‘insight,’ for example. We use the word casually but it really has a lot of depth to it. Because in + sight is the ability to see deep within.

In the context of graphology we could think of it as the ability to look deep into ourselves. But it would also include looking at our family members, our friends and our relationships – with profound understanding.

Graphology is a tool that helps us to attain that insight. It is not our goal to merely understand various aspects of handwriting. An important part of graphology is to help us reach an empathetic understanding of the inner workings of our relationships, or to appreciate the real motives of those who are important or dear to us.

The Gift of Understanding

Our goal is to acquire the gift of understanding beyond the surface of appearances.

This is no shallow concept. To gain this special type of understanding we have to use more than the mere techniques of a tool like graphology. The techniques of graphology can  show us how to understand the handwritten symbols of feeling and personality as they are set down on paper – an accomplishment of no mean significance.

But ultimately, we have to combine this knowledge with our own blend of psychology and inner wisdom to gain the deeper insights that we are seeking.

In this regard, graphology is extremely valuable. Because to gain that inner wisdom is a journey of discovery in itself and it is often the study of graphology that initiates it.

If you want to see the amount of information and depth of understanding that you can get from a page of handwriting take a look at Charles Darwin’s handwriting where you’ll be able to read a description of his personality as seen from the sample of his handwriting.

Understanding of this nature is not gained from biographical descriptions alone which at best are not completely reliable when it comes to personality.

But it is indeed possible to glean this degree of understanding and insight about personality from handwriting.

Take a look: Charles Darwin

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