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Freddie Mercury’s Signature reflects his Dynamism and Showmanship

Freddie Mercurie

The other day, I was listening to a CD of Freddie Mercury’s music which always blows me away. His dynamism and showmanship, his musicality and plain musical genius are quite unforgettable.

I thought of his outstanding individuality and originality; of the power and strength he projected on the stage – and of course, his unique and imaginative approach.

A handwriting sample always adds new dimensions of understanding for me so I tried to imagine what his signature and handwriting would look like.

Fortunately, I managed to track down a rather bold and clear signature on Wikipedia.

I studied it with interest. And if truth be told it didn’t really surprise me.  I had expected his handwriting to look something like this because it encapsulated everything about the Freddie Mercury I had read about and knew from his music.

What really intrigued me was how I had managed to visualize some of the qualities of  his signature by reverse engineering it from a known set of personality traits.

Anyway,  here  is the sample of Freddie Mercury’s signature.  What do you think  of it?:

It would appear to me that he wrote this in his heyday when things were going well for him.  Some of his later signatures show a progressive deterioration and loss of power.

But the strength and drama in this signature are obvious.  The strokes are firm and assertive.  Also, the pressure is dark and powerful though the extreme upward slant shows a somewhat euphoric trend.

The M is imposing and the final “y” is the epitome of his dynamic showmanship – simulating the way he liked to swing up one arm.

There is further showmanship as well as some artistry in the way the F and M are joined. On the other hand, the tall d’s show pride as well as a dislike of criticism.  Not surprising really as he was a man who did things his way and refused to bend to public opinion.

There is so much to read in this signature and we haven’t even begun to  look at his handwriting as such. Much more can be added but I  would very much like this to be a conversation.

And so  I want to know what you think.  Add your opinion below and let’s see if we can strike up a discussion about this rather fascinating signature.

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