As a qualified graphologist with over 35 years of experience I have authored 8 books on graphology, created courses and written hundreds of blog posts and newsletters for my websites.

I have analysed handwriting for many companies and individuals, dealt with relationship compatibility and given guidance with regard to various career choices all under the umbrella of graphology.

Sandra Fisher

A Little Background.


I have often been asked to give a little background about how I became involved with Graphology and how Graphology World came into being. In fact, I have been a practicing graphologist for over 35 years and I still find the “Study of Graphology” totally captivating. I use the word “study” advisedly because it’s one of those subjects that you never tire of learning.

There is always a new angle to explore, a new revelation to be discovered about someone’s personality or a glimpse into outlandish behaviour that until now had failed to add up.

This is the real stuff that Graphology is concerned with and I would like to open up this world of insights for the benefit of those who would make the best use of it.  Because not only is this a tool that can be used for your own personal growth – it can and should also be used for the benefit of others.

It’s an amazing field and it has given me so much that I would like to encourage others to learn more about it too. And so I started “Graphology-World” – because I would like to pique your interest in this very rewarding and insightful study of human personality. I would also like this to be an introduction for beginners who are interested in handwriting analysis but who find the plethora of detailed instructions overwhelming.

How I got started


Before I tell you how you can hone this skill to your own advantage, I want to tell you how I became involved with Graphology. During my early career as a high school teacher I was landed with a very difficult and unruly class of boys – so much so that I was advised not to waste any time on them because they would never amount to anything. From their illegible and contorted handwritings I could see that they had problems.

Something like this:


To cut a long story short, I did some innovative teaching combined with a lot of listening and eventually one by one these boys improved to such an extent that their parents came to thank me personally.

And amazingly – as they started to come right, their handwritings began to normalize and become more legible too! That was my “eureka moment” because I recognized the diagnostic potential of handwriting.  It was then that I decided to study Graphology on a professional level.

A Career in Graphology


Fast forward a good few years to the point where I established my own professional services in Graphology.

I advised companies with regard to their selection of personnel and gave career guidance to students and to people who wanted mid-life career changes. I gave individual personality profiles as well as compatibility readings and I advised couples about their relationships – everything based on Graphology.

As a career it has been rewarding, stimulating and enlightening. I have never looked back. And now, I have put all this experience into my books which are filled with the secrets, tips and cherished strategies that I collected throughout my career.

I also issue a free newsletter “The Graphology Review” when I have something interesting to discuss. So take a look around this site – I’m sure you will find something that will be of interest to you.

With my best wishes,

Sandra Fisher