Articles & Insights into the world of handwriting.

A Graphology Showcase – Articles, Tips and Insights

A Graphology showcase is a book of short articles, tips and insights that introduces you to the many benefits of graphology. It reveals some of the amazing things you can learn about people from their handwriting alone. In fact, when you understand the meaning of  handwriting it adds a new dimension to your life.

Read the book and

  • Discover how your handwriting can lead you to self-discovery.
  • Gain insight into what makes other people tick and understand the psychological triggers that motivate them.
  • Find out how to interpret the connection between handwriting and personality.

A Graphology Showcase will shed light on some fascinating aspects of handwriting and personality such as:

  • Honesty and Dishonesty in handwriting
  • Signs of intelligence in handwriting.
  • Male and Female Handwriting.
  • How your handwriting reveals your personality
  • Ugly handwriting and what it means.
  • And a lot more ….


For further details see: A Graphology Showcase

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