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5 Danger signs in Handwriting

Would you go out with this man? Or would you let your daughter go out with him?

As you read this note you may suspect a trap – but how can you be sure? Obviously you can’t. And unfortunately there’s nowhere to turn to for further information – unless you look at the handwriting itself. And that’s where it gets interesting.

Because the handwriting speaks volumes about this person. At a mere glance it reveals red flags everywhere. In fact there are at least 5 Danger Signs in this handwriting sample. Can you spot them?

These danger signs warn us that the writer is:

  • dogmatic and dictatorial
  • emotionally unstable
  • bad tempered
  • extremely resentful
  • and probably even violent!

Interesting? Well, that’s just one small example of what you can tell from a paragraph of handwriting off hand. But it gets even more interesting. Because if you pay attention to the details of the writing you can extract additional information about the real nature and character of this person. Clearly, a huge advantage.

Imagine being able to skim off important information like this at a glance! It’s absolutely possible because you can learn exactly how to do this for yourself.

“The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting” is a guide that will show you how to access the deeper message behind any handwriting. It will show you how to uncover personality details about all kinds of people from family members and friends to colleagues and associates.

But there’s more.  While you can certainly learn a lot about the different people who touch your life, there is another aspect that is just as important.  And possibly even more valuable: you will get to learn and understand a great deal about your own strengths and weaknesses too.

A Key to Self-Development

You see, graphology is a valuable key to self-growth. So much so that many students of graphology insist that the study can actually be life-changing. Not only are they able to amaze their family and friends with their newly acquired knowledge but it also gives them new confidence and poise.

This is something that you will experience in many new and surprising ways. Just think of their reaction when you give eager friends and associates your opinion about their signatures!

Briefly you will learn:

  • How to read people’s emotions straight off the page!
  • How to identify the signs of low self-esteem.
  • About signatures and what they reveal about the writer’s true self.
  • How to identify introverts and extroverts from their handwriting alone
  • About the meaning of lower loops and their relation to energy and sex drive.
  • Why 98% of people have the wrong idea about untidy handwriting.
  • The real facts about left-slanted writing
  • About the signs of conflict and tension in handwriting
  • How to identify signs of intelligence.
  • The amazing things you can tell from writing pressure.
  • About how I-dots and t-strokes may look small but how they deliver a punch.

And much more….

You will gain a skill that  others can only admire and envy. All the information is specific, easy to understand and can be applied to any handwriting sample. And you’ll be able to verify your new-found knowledge by testing it on the people you know.

Some Comments about the book:

“Dear Sandra 
I am like a boy with a new toy. 
I am currently working through the book and I have small samples of handwriting from people who have given their permission for me to analyze.
The results thus far are astounding to say the least. 
Sandra this is amazing as I am channeling into all sorts of different directions by following the course.
It is as if somehow a window has opened in my soul. 
Thank you once again 
Brian Faul


“Fascinating awesome and incredible, so accurate!!!!”


“I found Sandra’s book well presented, easy to read, clear, informative, well illustrated, and very reasonably priced. 
I also found Sandra to be prompt, friendly, just a delight to deal with! 
Sandra, my compliments to you!!!
Varda Rose (Graphologist)”

The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

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