The Personality Chart: Your True Personality at a Glance

How to find the real you

Get a New Perspective on your Personality and realize your full Potential

If your confidence has taken a dive and your self-esteem is in need of a boost the personality chart below will give you a fresh look at yourself!

A dent in your self-esteem can make you feel negative and demoralized. And you really don’t want to go there.

If you are starting to doubt yourself it needs to be corrected.

Because whatever you believe about yourself becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – for good or ill.

Unfortunately, we tend to stick to the old stereotyped impressions of ourselves that we have gathered from the past.

If a teacher told you that you would never amount to anything, it would have lowered your self-esteem.  And later in life, if you had not yet achieved your goals you would have accepted failure as your destiny.

Images of failure and inadequacy can set like cement in your mind and it can take a monumental leap of faith to rid yourself of them.

There simply has to be a way to tackle these worn-out beliefs about yourself.

A Fresh look at Yourself

So let me ask you a question.

How would you feel if you could actually see evidence – some real proof that you have special qualities and capabilities – that for the most part have gone unrecognized?

Or even better – if you could get immediate proof of your attributes in a full color plan of your personality – is there any doubt that your self-esteem and confidence would take a giant leap?

Undoubtedly, it would be a life-changing moment and a turning point in your career.

Well the great news is – I can give you that evidence.

I can provide you with real tangible proof because it’s right there in your handwriting. It just has to be accessed.

And this is exactly where The Personality Chart comes in. It will give you all the evidence you need to get yourself out of a destructive rut.

Your True Personality at a Glance

Take a look at the chart below and imagine how you’ll feel when it’s filled with your own personal details.

Can you see how you’ll get a new vision – a new perspective of yourself in minutes?

At a glance you’ll see which of your strengths are most likely to help you to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

And just as helpful – you’ll also be able to see which aspects of your personality are holding you back.

How the Personality Chart works with handwriting:

The following handwriting sample presents a picture of the writer’s strengths as well as his weaknesses.

The emotions that drive him and even his insecurities are there to be seen in just three lines of handwriting!




Now take a look at how the most important traits of his personality are set out in the personality chart below.


The Personality Chart

Chart of Your Personality


At a quick glance you can easily see that he is confident, driven and passionate. 

But he is also resentful, forceful and bad tempered. It’s clear to see that he’ll have difficulties with his relationships.

Obviously there is a lot more to be discussed; but you can see that he appears to be a very demanding character to put it mildly!

So how will this help you?

The Personality Chart will help you to see your main strengths and weaknesses at a glance.

It will give you a new understanding of aspects of your personality that you didn’t realize you had at all!

The Real Magic

Clearly the personality chart on its own can only give you the basic information about your personality.

The real magic will start when I piece everything together for you with an analysis of your handwriting and a detailed report about your personality. 

This personal report of your personality will make everything crystal clear to you. It is your route to self-discovery.

Now is your chance to uncover your hidden strengths and bring them to light. It’s your opportunity to discover the real you!

Set the process in motion. Simply send me a small sample of your handwriting and open the door to your self-discovery with greater self-knowledge and a new self-image! It doesn’t get much easier. 

Instructions for submitting your handwriting to me will be supplied after ordering.

Get an analysis of your handwriting together with a full color chart of your true personality right here – and realize your full potential.

 Your Personality Chart Plus Handwriting Analysis Report