What does your Personality Chart say about You?

How to find the real youIf you want to know more about yourself, this is a unique opportunity to check out your personality chart and get to understand your unique qualities and capabilities.

If your confidence is at a low ebb and you are filled with self-doubt; if your self-esteem is in need of a boost – it’s time to take a fresh look at yourself! 

You see, if you have a poor opinion of yourself it can do a lot of damage. It’s negative and demoralizing. And you really don’t want to go there. Whatever you believe about yourself – good or bad – gets added to your self-image.

If a teacher told you that you would never amount to anything, you would have incorporated that into your self-image.  And if you had not yet achieved the goals that you set yourself you would have branded the idea of failure into your self-image too.

Unfortunately, we tend to collect the old stereotyped impressions of ourselves that we have gathered from the past. And we get stuck with what we see as our past failures and inadequacies.

These images of inadequacy can set like cement in your mind and it can take a monumental leap of faith to rid yourself of them. No one will be able to convince you to see yourself in any other way.


Your Personality Chart – a New Perspective

 The only way for you to change these beliefs about yourself would be if you could actually see evidence to the contrary.

This is where The Personality Chart comes to your assistance – by giving you the evidence you need to get you out of this destructive rut.

When you can see the actual evidence of your strengths and hidden attributes – literally in writing – your self-esteem and your self-image will automatically change.

Take a look at the graph below and imagine it filled with your own personal data. Do you see how it would give you a new vision – a new perspective of yourself in minutes?

At a glance you’d see which of your strengths would be most likely to help you to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.  You’d even see which aspects of your personality are holding you back.

This is how it works:

The following handwriting sample presents a picture of the writer’s strengths as well as his less positive qualities. You can see the emotions that drive him and even his insecurities  – in one brief paragraph!



Now take a look at how the most important traits of his personality are set out in the chart below.


The Personality Chart

Chart of Your Personality


At a quick glance you can easily see that he is confident, driven and passionate but also resentful, forceful and bad tempered. It’s clear to see that he’ll have difficulties with his relationships too. Obviously there is a lot more to be discussed; but you can see that he appears to be very demanding to put it mildly!

I have chosen to give you a picture of this rather forceful individual because his personality traits are so prominent and striking that you can “get” his character at a glance.


So how will this handwriting analysis chart help you?

Briefly? It will be an eye opener! It will help  you to find out more about yourself.   It will help you to see your main strengths and weaknesses at a glance. But even more importantly, it will give you a new understanding of aspects of your personality that you didn’t realize you had at all!

This is your chance to uncover your hidden strengths and bring them to light. It’s your opportunity to finally find the real you!

Simply send me a small sample of your handwriting! It doesn’t get much easier. Don’t lose this easy opportunity to rediscover yourself anew.

Choose one of the following options and open the door to greater self-knowledge and a new self-image.  A boost to your self-confidence will surely follow.


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 The Stand Alone Personality Chart



Choice no 2

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 The Personality Chart plus Analysis


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