Wisdom is a butterfly

Wisdom is a Butterfly

by / 0 Comments / 204 View / June 20, 2019

An “aha” moment burst upon me like a veritable light bulb! It happened while I was watching Walter Isaacson doing an interview on TV.  He was talking to Tracy K. Smith, the U.S. Poet Laureate when she mentioned this quote from William Butler Yeats:

And wisdom is a butterfly. And not a gloomy bird of prey.

It’s from his poem, Tom O’Roughley. I studied some of his poems while still at school but at the time their deeper meaning escaped me.

On another level, I have always been on a quest for a deeper understanding and application of graphology. And as I heard the quote I thought; this is exactly what graphology is all about. How could it have been described so succinctly and so well in any other way?

You see, I don’t think that graphology can be practiced from a shallow base. Young or old, the best graphologists are those who have a type of inner wisdom. A graphologist needs enough wisdom to know not to dwell too long on the darker aspects of a sensitive personality but to deal with it delicately like a butterfly.

That is why those brief lines from Yeats spoke so loudly to me today. I believe that they are a gentle reminder of an important truth that we should always keep in mind not only as applied to graphology but with regard to our relationships as well.

So often I find that we are quick to pick out every little fault in someone’s handwriting without realizing that it represents a real live person whose deeper values are over and above his or her flashes of insecurity.

And so my aha moment and graphology gem for today day is:

And wisdom is a butterfly. And not a gloomy bird of prey.

What do you think?

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