Ugly Handwriting. The Secrets finally Exposed

Ugly Handwriting. The Secrets finally Exposed.

How to take the Myths and Misery out of Ugly Handwriting.

Ugly handwriting secrets exposedHave you ever wondered why some people have beautiful handwriting while your own handwriting looks like chicken scratches or worse?

Well you’re not alone.

Ugly handwriting is a problem that afflicts more people than you could possibly imagine. And the worst of it is that it is often accompanied by a lowering of self-esteem.

You see, ugly handwriting often hides a number of personality-based problems.  You can’t simply sweep them under the carpet or hide them forever – they will squeeze their way out somehow –

And pop up right there in your handwriting!

But there is good news also.  You see,  amazing talents and personality strengths are often hidden behind ugly handwriting too.

If you would like to know more about the secrets of ugly handwriting and some of the famous geniuses who had ugly handwriting – here is the good news.

I have just written a book about ugly handwriting with its problems and its benefits  – and yes there are benefits too!

Ugly handwriting. The Secrets finally Exposed

  • Myths and Misconceptions about ugly handwriting
  • The Effects of Ugly Handwriting
  • Some Causes of Ugly handwriting
  • The Dark side of Ugly Handwriting
  • The Bright side of Ugly Handwriting
  • A new look at Genius
  • Geniuses with Ugly Handwriting


If you would like to find out more about your ugly handwriting and what it says about you here is the book.

It’s in PDF format and it’s only $7.  You won’t even need to download it as I will email it directly to your inbox.

Simply click the link below to access it.


Ugly handwriting: The Secrets Finally Exposed