Ugly Handwriting. The Secrets finally Exposed

Ugly Handwriting. The Secrets finally Exposed.

Ugly handwriting. The secrets finally exposedHave you ever wondered why some people have beautiful handwriting while your own handwriting looks like chicken scratches or worse?

Well you’re not alone.

Ugly handwriting is a problem that afflicts more people than you could possibly imagine. And the worst of it is that it is often accompanied by a lowering of self-esteem.

You see, ugly handwriting often hides a number of personality-based problems.  You can’t simply sweep them under the carpet or hide them forever – they will squeeze their way out somehow – and pop up right there in your handwriting!

The Good News

But there is good news also.  You see,  amazing talents and personality strengths are often hidden behind ugly handwriting too.

The interesting and rather strange thing is that many highly gifted people – and yes, even geniuses – have struggled with ugly handwriting.

From my experience this appears to be because people with ugly handwriting tend to be rebels in one way or another.

They are often pioneers in thinking. They refuse to conform to rules that restrict their wide-ranging and investigative minds. They live life and explore new ideas according to their own rules. I’m thinking particularly of Freud who had the most ghastly handwriting imaginable.

Picasso was another great rule breaker. His handwriting was terrible but then his thinking was so original and pioneering that he changed the whole landscape of modern art.

People like these break the mould not only in thinking but in many other aspects of life too. And there are many more like them.

Maybe you are one of them – and if you are – you owe it to yourself to take note of what your handwriting is trying to tell you.

It’s a chance to rethink your attitude – not only to your handwriting but particularly to what it means and says about you.

Ugly handwriting. The Secrets finally Exposed

Ugly Handwriting Secrets will give you a completely new approach to your handwriting. It will also re-channel your thinking about yourself.

The book is in PDF format and right now it’s only $7.  You won’t even need to download it as I will email it directly to your inbox.

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Ugly handwriting: The Secrets Finally Exposed