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Ugly Handwriting and what it Says about You

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What an ugly handwriting!Ugly handwriting needs its very own own post because it has always been the ugly duckling among writers.

There are several reasons why I’m featuring  “Ugly handwriting” today – one of the most important being that these handwritings often have a lot to them and the writers of these handwritings are never boring or colourless.

In fact I have always found them to be the most interesting to analyze.

So if you have an ugly handwriting read on – there may be more to your scrawl than first meets the eye.

We all know what “ugly handwriting” looks like. It’s the exact opposite of those beautiful neat and often calligraphic looking works of art that we all envy.

Ugly handwriting has poor rhythm and many inconsistencies. I was told as a child by an unsympathetic examiner that my handwriting resembled a garden – a garden with weeds.

And so people with poor handwriting always find themselves having to apologize:

“Please excuse my handwriting as I’m writing in a moving car” – or “galloping in a horse and buggy” and so on.

Ugly handwriting

Poor writers hardly received much encouragement from the classical graphologists either. They were a rather stuffy lot in those days and found it difficult to countenance poor handwriting.

Crepieux-Jamin, one of the founding fathers of French Graphology, when describing these unfortunate missives referred to their “multiple discordances” with much disapproval.

Ludwig Klages, a famous German graphologist was even more derogatory about this kind of handwriting which he dismissed with the haughty description of “poor form level.”

As far as he was concerned anyone who wrote with poor form level was the pits! He should have seen some of the handwriting of today!

Now I’m not trying to suggest that there is great virtue in writing “badly” – or that you should try to cultivate an ugly hand. Far from it. I am in a constant battle myself in this regard because my own handwriting, as I’ve mentioned, is far from beautiful!

Of course, every handwriting is different and generalities, especially in the field of handwriting analysis, can be dangerous. Besides there are degrees of “ugliness” too.

Nevertheless there are some interesting things that we can point out.

The Meaning of Ugly Handwriting

Ugly handwriting can indicate a certain amount of emotional baggage.

Many ugly writers tend to be emotionally volatile – even bad tempered as we can see in the sample above. Ugly handwriting can also indicate a lack of stability and a number of other things too.

Sometimes, ugly handwriting can be an indication of low self-esteem or insecurity; but it can also show autonomy and a desire to be judged on your own merits rather than conform to the standard way of doing things.

The Consolations of Ugly Handwriting

For those of us who are members of the club of ugly handwriters, there are a few consolations.

Ugly handwriting is always individualistic because this type of writer is an independent thinker. You will notice that this writer does not always fit in with the expectations of society.

Ugly handwriting often goes with creativity and sometimes it can be a sign of eccentricity too.

Paganini the great violinist belonged to this category and he was certainly eccentric and undoubtedly creative.

Picasso also had an ugly handwriting and look at what happened to him!

So, if you class yourself as an ugly writer don’t despair! Some of the ugliest writers have been highly creative or exceptional people in one way or another.  Beethoven and Napoleon had awful handwriting and Freud’s handwriting was quite ghastly!

All these people had dreadful handwriting and look at what they achieved!

That’s why you should never let “ugly handwriting” undermine your own confidence. Don’t stick with any false perceptions about yourself.


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