Giraffe personality

The Giraffe Personality

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In previous posts I have given you The Lion Personality and The Mouse Personality.

Well now it is time for me to give you The Giraffe Personality!

I doubt that anyone has  come up with a Giraffe Type Personality before – But when I first began this blog I promised that it would be fun.

So yes, it’s a little odd, I know. But you would be surprised to discover just how many people fit into this personality type category.

So let’s take a look!

The Giraffe Personality

A person with a giraffe personality is usually a bit vague because he is an inveterate dreamer.

He doesn’t always see the big picture because his head is always in the clouds. As a result, he is not firmly grounded and he doesn’t always have a balanced point of view.

Because of his dreamy attitude he tends to be full of ideas – not always practical but definitely imaginative.

He is likely to be swayed by his own imaginative ideas and once he has latched onto an idea he will run with it.

Philosophical, rather other-worldly and often artistic he tends to work best when inspired.

The giraffe personality tends to go overboard about his own interests and can be a trifle obsessive about them. To the extent that he talks about them without listening to the input of others.

Rather sensitive he does not take to criticism lightly – particularly if it is about something he has created.

The giraffe personality can sometimes appear to be vain or thoughtless.

A bit of a loner, he is not overly concerned with the problems of others unless he is personally involved.

He seems to be above the realm of everyday problems and tends to ignore them until they become too pressing.

But when he is brought down to earth by a problem that he simply has to deal with, he can be surprisingly meticulous and attentive to details to the extent that he can even be seen as something of a nitpicker.

 The Handwriting Sample

Now take a look at this handwriting of a typical Giraffe personality:


Handwriting of a Gifaffe personalityGiraffewriting2

Some hints  about the handwriting

Here are a few hints that will help you to see why I  have classified this as a Giraffe Personality Handwriting.

  • Tall upper zone which shows a concentration of interests in the world of ideas
  • Sensitivity to criticism in the inflated d-stems
  • Inflated I’s and J’s which shows a touch of vanity

If you have any other observations about this handwriting feel free to add your comments below.




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