The Face Behind the Mask

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“The Face behind the Mask!” The words resonate with mystery and excitement.  But in reality it’s a rather sad concept because the person who hides behind a mask is actually dealing with several personality issues.

We’ve all come across people who hide behind masks – people whose real personalities are completely camouflaged behind facades of pretense.

Sometimes we admire their facades.  At other times we find them almost amusing.

But when you come to think of it – isn’t it strange that we would feel it necessary to hide our real feelings – behind a show of indifference!

In fact, how exactly do we manage to do it?

We mask our real feelings with our facial expressions – and we hide our true intentions with the words that we use. Words that become meaningless when they are belied by our gestures.

But what is it that makes us hide behind these masks and façades? Is it because we want to hide our fears, our weaknesses and our vulnerability?

Maybe. But whatever the reason, it’s unfortunate that in the process, we set up blocks to real communication and make it difficult for anyone to follow our real intentions.

So why do we do this?

Because we are afraid that people won’t accept us for who we are and we certainly don’t want to expose our weaknesses to them. So we play this game of pretense and talk about trivialities but hide what is really important to us. When we wear our masks we hide our insecurities and feel a lot safer. No-one can see our insecurities or our weaknesses. We are like ostriches with our heads in the sand.

The Value of Graphology

Fortunately the picture changes when it comes to hand- written messages. This is where the real value of Graphology comes in.

With Graphology we can arrive at the genuine intention of the writer. With a little effort we can discover the hidden meaning behind the written words and we can remove the mask in minutes.

To do this we look beyond the actual words being used and concentrate on the forms and shapes of the letters themselves. And it’s not as difficult as you may think!

Graphology is an exceptionally powerful tool that helps us to remove the facade and expose the true nature of the person.  With a tool like this we can effectively reveal “the face behind the mask.”

The great advantage of using handwriting analysis is that we can uncover many aspects of personality that are hidden from view.

When we write we unconsciously reveal features of our personalities without realizing that we are exposing some of our deepest secrets. Even when we try to change the way we write we cannot disguise our true personalities.

Our fears and insecurities, our little vanities and efforts to impress – all these things are open to scrutiny once we know what to look for in the handwriting.

There is one simple truth to remember:

There is a hidden message in every single handwriting you see.  And accessing that message gives you a deeper understanding of the person who wrote those lines.

I have mentioned elsewhere that the purpose of Graphology World is not only to teach people about graphology – though that in itself is, I think, a worthwhile aim.

The deeper purpose is to encourage self-growth, personal development and awareness.

As graphologists not only do we learn how to remove our own masks; we also learn that most valuable of human lessons – how to acquire a sympathetic understanding of other people.

It really is an amazing learning experience.

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