Da Vinci's Flower of Life

The Da Vinci handwriting sample explained

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Da Vinci's Flower of Life

Da Vinci’s Flower of Life

Da Vinci’s handwriting is like a fine tapestry.  There is so much detail in it that you will discover something new every time you look at it.

A mere cursory glance at the pattern of the writing will show us that the handwriting is small and “bubbly.”

There is an appearance of controlled effervescence which is an unusual combination rarely to be found among writers.

If we want to translate this into a personality description we would have to say that it reveals concentration and intellectual imagination. Put another way, it surely describes inventiveness!

What makes the handwriting bubbly? Take a look at the many little loops located mainly in the upper zone of writing. This is a sign of active imagination. But you will also notice that it is highly organized at the same time so that it never gets out of control.

Da Vinci was not a vague idealist living in a world of fantasy. His mind was teeming with ideas but he knew that they were practicable and imminently applicable.

There are also some other aspects that demand our attention. Notice the careful detail as well as the fine angularity of the letters of the middle zone.

Da Vinci's Mirror Handwriting

The small size, intricate detail, vibrant quality and distinctiveness of appearance show originality and a constant hum of mental activity.

Supported by this rich bedrock of great mental activity, his fertile imagination made unusual connections at the speed of electricity.

But all this was underpinned by a firm foundation of logic. Notice how the lines are clearly separated to reveal clarity of thought.

Firm downstrokes within the context of this otherwise lace-like handwriting, show that he had strong determination and the ability to apply his theoretical concepts in practical ways.

It is hardly necessary to be able to read the words. The intricate pattern alone shows his unmistakable Mark of Genius.

Da Vinci and his Mirror Handwriting

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  1. I am natural mirror-writing, left handed 🙂 recently i do some research about my case and found this. Interesting article, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi An
    Thank you for commenting. How interesting that you are able to do mirror writing naturally! Here is another article for you about da Vinci and his mirror writing:

  3. For two months I was trying to write with left and now I can write with both hands including mirror.

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