An A-type personality

The A-type Personality – 8 Handwriting Signs

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A type personality

Do you have an A-type Personality?

If you have an A-type personality you will undoubtedly be aware of it.  Interestingly, you will also be able to see it in your handwriting.

The most obvious thing about A-type handwriting is that it shows energy – the latent energy of a coiled spring that looks as if it is ready to strike.

Here are 8 Signs in handwriting that reveal the A-type personality.  If you see more than 4 or 5 in your own handwriting you will have found your answer!

8 Signs that reveal the A-type Personality

•    A highly energized person usually has a large and right slanting handwriting.
•    The t-bars and other horizontal strokes such as those used to underline words are long.
•    The pressure is firm and dark in appearance.
•    Large, swinging lower loops. (Not in this sample)
•    The writing will look as if it has been written at speed and many letter formations will not be exact.
•    The writer tends to use his own modified style of writing rather than stick strictly to the school model. This shows individuality.
•    The left margin will become broader towards the bottom of the page.
•    Space is used generously and the writing seems to sprawl across the page.

New Free book: The A-Type Personality

Napoleon’s handwriting is a perfect example of A-type handwriting.

If you look carefully you will see that his handwriting has most of the signs.


Napoleon's handwriting - famous profiles


What about your own Personality?

Can you  see signs of drive, intelligence and the ability to make quick decisions?

The good news is that you can very easily check your handwriting for A-type signs.

New Free book: The A-Type Personality

Check out this free book about the A-Type personality. Compare the handwriting samples of these Type A personalities with anyone you know and see if they resonate with you.

Guaranteed to be fascinating and to give you an insight into the Type A personality. Through the perspective of handwriting of course!

The A-Type Personality

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