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Marie Curie: Her 144th Birthday Marked in Handwriting

Written by Sandra Fisher. Posted in Famous people, Genius in Handwriting

Marie CurieToday would have been Marie Curie’s 144th Birthday! 

When Google honoured her with a picture on their homepage, I immediately began to wonder about her handwriting.

I’m pleased to say that I was fortunate enough to find her signature and a brief sample of her handwriting! 

So while I looked for her signature and handwriting (see below) I also discovered that she actually won two Nobel prizes. 

One in 1903 for physics and 8 years later another in chemistry. 

Sadly, she didn’t realize how dangerous her research was and she later died from too much exposure to radiation.

Tolkien, the Father of Modern Fantasy

Written by Sandra Fisher. Posted in Genius in Handwriting

TolkienTolkien, writer of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings was the father of modern fantasy literature.

Born in South Africa in 1892 he was educated in England and became professor of Anglo-Saxon, English language and literature at Oxford.

Tolkien’s books were undoubtedly inspired by his fascination with the early literature of Old and Middle English.

He had an amazing grasp of language and was known as one of the best philologists in the world. In fact, he invented a special Celtic-style language for the characters in his books.

He even invented a whole new mythological world as a setting for “Lord of the Rings.” His imagination and creativity were boundless.

Tolkien’s books “The Hobbit” and “The lord of the Rings” were in fact the forerunner of a complete new genre of modern fantasy literature –  they even led to a new class of games such as Dungeons and Dragons and that hugely popular game World of Warcraft.

So what made Tolkien tick?

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