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Da Vinci and his Mirror Handwriting

Written by Sandra Fisher. Posted in Genius in Handwriting

Da Vinci's Mona LisaTake a look at the sample of Da Vinci’s handwriting below. The first thing you’ll notice is that it is done in mirror writing.

In fact, if you hold the handwriting sample in front of a mirror you will see that the letters instantly become more recognizable.

It is well known that many left-handed writers are able to do mirror writing quite easily. Da Vinci, however, was ambidextrous so he could easily write with both hands.

Da Vinci Lost Manuscript Discovered

Written by Sandra Fisher. Posted in Genius in Handwriting

Da Vinci Manuscript

Picture from PressTV

A manuscript by Leonardo da Vinci long thought to be lost has recently been discovered in a public library in France.

Academics are abuzz with excitement!

According to a BBC report, this valuable manuscript is just one of about 5,000 others that were donated to the library by a wealthy collector in 1872.

Apparently this long lost manuscript – actually only a fragment – was found after a journalist came across a reference to it in a book.

The interesting thing is that the manuscript is written in code. And even more interesting is the fact that no one has managed to decipher it yet!

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