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Private Fears and Personal Demons

Written by Sandra Fisher. Posted in Fears and Insecurities, Your Personality

Private fears and personal demonsCome to think of it, most of our fears are private.  We don’t go around publishing them – because they are our own personal demons and mostly we like to keep them private.

My own private fear is public speaking.  I’ll do almost anything to get out of speaking in public and I’m not proud of it.

Mostly our private fears cost us one way or another and not being able to speak in public has worked to my detriment many a time. But it is my own personal demon and somehow I’m stuck with it.

To someone else it may look like a very insignificant problem. “Get over it!” they’ll tell me.  “Confront your fears,” and so on.

But does it help?  Of course not!

And that is why this little Japanese print in the picture on the left caught my eye.

It speaks volumes.

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