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Freud and the Powerful Emotions revealed in his Handwriting

Written by Sandra Fisher. Posted in Famous people, Genius in Handwriting

FreudFreud’s handwriting is a perfect example of powerful emotion and passion on the page. It’s a rich and complex handwriting with much evidence of originality and drive. 

But to me, the most outstanding features are the power and the passion so evident in his handwriting.

Of course, when the handwriting is as rich and as complex as Freud’s it can be rather challenging to analyze.

But the complexity alone speaks volumes and soon you begin to see the outstanding features that bring his personality to life on the page.

One of the most fascinating aspects of handwriting analysis is its ability to uncover certain facets of personality that are not generally known by the public.

So with these things in mind, let’s take a look at a sample of Freud’s handwriting:

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