Pointed Handwriting- what it means

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Hedgehog handwriting

The hedgehog personalityHere is a sample of a handwriting with sharp points and flying strokes on the t-bars that seem to dominate the whole handwriting.

The middle zone is more rounded but there are so many prickly signs in this handwriting that the dominant aspect is one of sharpness.

I have called this handwriting the hedgehog handwriting simply because it reminds one of the prickles of a hedgehog. 

But note also the roundedness of the middle zone:

Interestingly enough, a hedgehog is a gentle animal with a soft cuddly underbelly.  But touch him and he immediately rolls up into a prickly ball that you would be well advised to avoid.

Now this is the temperament of the writer illustrated  here.  He exemplifies the hedgehog personality with a soft and gentle nature but with a prickly and sharp exterior.  Treat him with respect and keep him at arms length to avoid a confrontation.  But if you get the opportunity to know him better, he will reveal his softer, more sympathetic side.

The hedgehog personality uses his prickles to  defend himself against any unwanted intrusion on his privacy.  Much like the real hedgehog, he is very shy but then, as you now know, if you can sidestep the prickles, there is a gentler side to him too.


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