How confident are you?

How Confident are you? Check your Handwriting for Clues

by / 7 Comments / 68 View / February 7, 2011

How confident are you?Do you think of yourself as a confident person? Or do you simply not know where you rate on the scale of confidence?

Actually, it’s important to know because in today’s world confidence rules. The fact is that if you want to succeed you have to be confident.

That’s just how it works!

A confident person has a head start in almost any competitive field.

Have you noticed how a sports coach will do everything in his power to instill confidence into his team?


Because confidence makes the difference between winning and losing – and the coach knows it. Never underestimate the power of confidence!

Confidence in handwriting

But we are talking handwriting here. So I want to show you how your handwriting can provide you with a quick and unique way to check your level of confidence.

You see, the minute you set pen to paper, your confidence – or the lack of it is immediately obvious to a graphologist.

The best way to explain what I mean is by showing you a sample of confident handwriting.

Confidence in handwriting

  • A large handwriting is one of the first signs of confidence – but it can vary!
  • A confident person will also write with firm pressure – in other words, the line of writing will be fairly dark
  • Letters will be legible and  clear
  • t-strokes and other  horizontal strokes will be firm and slant upwards
  • The handwriting will tend to slant slightly to the right

This is a very simplified example but as you can see, concrete proof is far more convincing than a thousand words.

Now that you know more or less what to look for why not check out your own personality?  You may be in for a surprise!

If you have any questions about confidence in handwriting I’ll be glad to answer them below.

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  1. hey sandra,
    im new to graphology but i am loving it allready…lol
    i have always had issues with my confidence level…especially when someone critisizes me…T_T
    my handwriting is very similar to the sample on top but two things….my “i” dot tends to have a tail and the writting as a whole is upright….oh and comfortably long “p” “g” “y” “j” “f” tails….:-D
    hope you can take time to comment on them and I am definitly planning to buy some of ur books…..i want to be a teacher when i start working so i hope the book on bullying will do me good….thanx……..lots of lov

  2. Hi Esther

    I’m glad you are discovering an interest in Graphology. Most people don’t quite realize that not only does it reveal aspects of personality – it is also a route to self-growth and self-development. When you get to know more about yourself you can work on various areas that you would like to improve.

    Now without seeing your handwriting – I would suggest that you capitalize your I’s as well as the first letters of sentences. You need to show yourself some respect. And when you write without capitals it is a sign that you don’t feel worthy enough. It’s one of the signs of low self-esteem.

    For the rest, it’s difficult to comment without seeing your handwriting. But I hope this helps – even a little!

    Kind regards,


  3. Is fast handwriting another sign of confidence? I think I read something to that effect somewhere.

  4. Yes, Denis. Fast handwriting is one of the signs of confidence.

  5. Hey Sandra,
    Ten years ago, my hand writing was good and i could easily write anything but for last eight or nine years, my hand wrting has become very poor. i can not write a sentence in straight line. even i can not hold pen as good as i used to do ten years ago. i think it is because of lack of my confidence. i am a stammerer too.
    please help with my writing.

  6. Hi Gajendra
    Lack of confidence can do strange things to us! And no doubt, being a stammerer has huge challenges too. Handwriting can often mirror some of these challenges and as such, it is a symptom of a problem rather than a cause. So it is necessary to address the causes first. For example you could visit a doctor to see if you have any underlying problems. You will appreciate that I cannot give you much advice without seeing your handwriting. But if it is purely due to a lack of confidence I would suggest that the first thing you should do is to use a capital I for your personal pronoun. You need to give yourself more recognition and importance even in your typing! And of course this goes for your handwriting too. Always begin your name with a capital letter and maybe you should also try to take your time and write more slowly.I find that the more I stress about my own handwriting, the worse it becomes! So give yourself a little more slack!
    My best wishes to you.

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