How confident are you?

How Confident are you? Check your Handwriting for Clues

by / 2 Comments / 2255 View / February 7, 2011

How confident are you?Do you think of yourself as a confident person? Or do you simply not know where you rate on the scale of confidence?

Actually, it’s important to know because in today’s world confidence rules. The fact is that if you want to succeed you have to be confident.

That’s just how it works!

A confident person has a head start in almost any competitive field.

Have you noticed how a sports coach will do everything in his power to instill confidence into his team?


Because confidence makes the difference between winning and losing – and the coach knows it. Never underestimate the power of confidence!

Confidence in handwriting

But we are talking handwriting here. So I want to show you how your handwriting can provide you with a quick and unique way to check your level of confidence.

You see, the minute you set pen to paper, your confidence – or the lack of it is immediately obvious to a graphologist.

The best way to explain what I mean is by showing you a sample of confident handwriting.

Confidence in handwriting

  • A large handwriting is one of the first signs of confidence – but it can vary!
  • A confident person will also write with firm pressure – in other words, the line of writing will be fairly dark
  • Letters will be legible and  clear
  • t-strokes and other  horizontal strokes will be firm and slant upwards
  • The handwriting will tend to slant slightly to the right

This is a very simplified example but as you can see, concrete proof is far more convincing than a thousand words.

Now that you know more or less what to look for why not check out your own personality?  You may be in for a surprise!

If you have any questions about confidence in handwriting I’ll be glad to answer them below.

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  1. Wonderful work. thanks. I am very intelligent by God’s grace but lack confidence in writing. Sometimes I can even write a letter or figure. What are my problems and solutions.

  2. Did you mean to say that sometimes you can’t write a letter or figure? And if so would this not be be related to a type of anxiety?

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