Graphology Gems

Graphology Gems

by / 1 Comment / 28 View / November 8, 2018

Graphology Gems

Welcome to Graphology Gems Рa completely new category of mini blog posts that I have envisioned and thought about for a long time.

These little “gems” have been inspired by memes and quotes from a variety of writers and thinkers but they all have one thing in common; they can be related to handwriting.

But they are rather more than that because you will discover that when they are viewed through the prism of handwriting they throw a special light on some of the most meaningful truths about our lives.

Each of the following quotes is illustrated with a handwriting sample that encapsulates the central truth of that particular meme or quote.

The first of my Graphology Gems is called The Tight Bud. I will be adding to them from time to time.

Meanwhile, I invite you to pause, linger and enjoy your favourite gems; and if the spirit so moves you, to add your thoughts to the comments.

Herewith the first Graphology Gem in the series:

The Tight Bud

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