A Graphology Course in Handwriting Analysis for home study

A  Graphology Course in Handwriting Analysis for home study


What is so special about this Graphology Course?

I will personally teach you how to read the real underlying meaning of any handwriting in 12 hands-on lessons. You will get the opportunity to study at home in your own time with no pressure – all under my personal guidance.

Mentorship in the study of graphology is vitally important. You can’t expect to learn to become a graphologist or handwriting analyst from books alone.

The personal assistance and intervention of a tutor makes the study so much more meaningful and manageable – and that is exactly what you will get here. Throughout this course you will get my personal guidance and assistance. You will have online access to me all the way throughout your studies.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know how to analyse handwriting – this is your chance.

The course consists of 12 modules to be studied in your own time and at your own pace.


The Graphology Course consists of 12 modules:

MODULE 1. Introduction and Foundation of Graphology
MODULE 2. Layout, Margins and Rhythm
MODULE 3. Directions and Connections
MODULE 4. The Utilization of Space
MODULE 5. Individual Signs and Indicators
MODULE 6. The Pillars of Personality
MODULE 7. The Significance of Energy and Drive
MODULE 8. Interpersonal Relationships and Personality Types
MODULE 9. Temperament, Mood and Emotion
MODULE 10. Intelligence and Organizational ability
MODULE 11. Fears, Insecurities and Coping Mechanisms
MODULE 12. How to Write the Report

There are two methods of payment.

1. A once off payment of $260 for the full course


2. Individual purchases of modules at $25 each.

1.The Complete Graphology Course with a once-off full payment

If you wish to purchase the Complete Graphology Course of 12 Modules with a once-off payment you may do so with the all-inclusive payment of $260.

No further payments will be required. The Modules will be studied in order from numbers 1 through to 12.

After you have studied each module and completed the accompanying assignment I will check your work and email a new module to you.

Individual modules are from 30 – 50 pages long.

You can access the full course at $260 here:


If you prefer to purchase each module in the course individually one at a time, you may use the following option:

2. The Complete Graphology Course with individual payments (Pay as you Learn)

If you  prefer, you may purchase the modules individually from number 1 to number 12 at $25 each.  The total payment in this case would amount to $300

On completion of each Module with its assignment, you will be able to purchase and access the next Module at your convenience and in your own time.

Modules must be studied in the order given below.

Individual modules are from 30 – 50 pages long.



Module 1 covers a lot including how you can make a difference with handwriting analysis; how to apply graphology to real life situations; starting your own handwriting collection and much more.

Module 1 at $25


Module 2 will introduce you to some of the basic signs and indicators in Graphology.

You will learn how to identify and interpret these signs.  You will also find out how they are directly applied to different handwriting samples.

Module 2 at $25


In this module we will cover more essential basic signs. You will learn about Zones, Size of handwriting, the importance of Slant and Alignment and the meaning of the various Connections between letters.

Module 3 at $25

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