Famous geniuses with ugly handwriting

Famous Geniuses with Ugly Handwriting

by / 6 Comments / 618 View / April 14, 2015

Here are 5 handwriting samples of famous geniuses. Although they are vastly different in appearance they all have one thing in common.

They are all ugly. But that is where the similarity ends.

Only 4 of these handwriting samples belong to famous geniuses. The 5th one – in no particular order – belongs to a murderer.

Can you tell which one is the handwriting of a vicious murderer?

Here are brief excerpts from the actual handwriting samples.




ugly handwriting 4-1


ugly handwriting 3


ugly handwriting 5


ugly handwriting 2

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6 Comment

  1. 4th one from top.

  2. Try again!

  3. the 5th one

  4. Afraid not! If you’d like my free report with the answer and explanations I’ll be happy to send it to you. Just let me know.

  5. I think the one in the middle.

  6. Hi Brenda
    I’ll be sending you the answer by way of a free report showing the handwritings of some geniuses plus the writing of the murderer. It includes an analysis of each sample so you should find it interesting.

    In fact if anyone else would like this report just contact me and I’ll forward it with pleasure.

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