what your doodles say about you

What your doodles say about you

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Do you doodle?

If you do, be careful!  Your doodles and scribbles can leave tell-tale clues about your personality all over your telephone notepad.

Doodles can reveal quite a lot about the personality of the doodler! That is why they are so interesting.

Doodles and scribbles can be quite fascinating.

Some doodles can be quite artistic and complex.   Others look like boxes made up of straight lines. John Keats, the poet drew flowers in his notebooks during  lectures.

What your doodles say about you

Doodles come in many shapes and forms but they can generally be classified as geometrical, circular or pictorial.

DoodleGenerally speaking, geometrical designs will be favoured by mathematical, logical thinkers while the circular designs will indicate the more socially aware personality.

The pictorial designs will in turn point to the creative or artistically inclined individual.

Of course this is an over simplification but it does give us a general idea.

In a doodle we will also look at the choice of colour, the position of the picture on the page, the size of the doodle and the ease or constraint of the graphic expression.Doodles

A child’s drawing can be assessed in a similar way. But in this case it’s important to take into account the age of the child before looking at other factors.

Although spontaneous doodles and scribbles can tell us a good deal about the personality of the doodler or scribbler, they are never as revealing as a page of handwriting.

So whatever you do, don’t allow your friendly graphologist anywhere near your telephone notebook!

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