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Darwin Portrait

Charles Darwin – the Man behind the Photograph

Even more revealing than his photographs is Darwin’s handwriting which shows us what he was really like – it’s almost like looking at his personality in 3D!

2 Comments / 319 View / August 30, 2010

Chopin photograph

How Chopin’s Music and Passion are mirrored in his Handwriting

There I was thinking that Chopin was a gentle, cultured, highly sensitive soul. But what did his handwriting reveal?

2 Comments / 826 View / August 20, 2010

A Tolkien-like landscape

Tolkien, the Father of Modern Fantasy

Here is a sample of Tolkien’s handwriting, so artistically penned that it seem to have been done by an artist. It has an air of intellectuality combined with creativity.

8 Comments / 2426 View / August 16, 2010

The Passion and Excitement in Darwin’s Handwriting

When you look at Darwin’s handwriting he really comes to life! You can see the fire and the passion that moved him. He was totally inspired!

22 Comments / 425 View / March 17, 2010