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Handwriting Analysis: This is how it Works

Handwriting analysis has been the  subject of many articles but exactly how it works is still shrouded in mystery. Handwriting is actually recorded movement and it may be helpful to think of it as a snapshot of your mental and…

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Validating Graphology with Science

A scientific study of the relationship between handwriting and Parkinson’s disease. Some revealing clues.

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Are you Missing the Point about Graphology?

Graphology isn’t only about finding out more about other people and their personalities. It’s also about delving into the mysteries of your own psyche.

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You must be joking

Graphology for personal development? You must be joking!

If you are able to explore areas of your own personality with a tool like Graphology it makes you aware of your strengths and potential as well as your limitations and weaknesses.

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The real purpose of Graphology?

The Real Purpose of Graphology?

One of the most important benefits of Graphology is that it helps us to find the directions that speak to us. Directions that ultimately lead us along our own paths of personal discovery.

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Graphology isn’t Secret Knowledge

Graphology gives you a visual reference point from which you can launch a personal investigation into your strengths and failings.

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Graphology can be addictive

Warning! Handwriting analysis can be addictive

If any of these individuals have put pen to paper, you can be sure that you will be able to unearth the most amazing revelations about them and their characters.

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