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fat girl handwriting

Fat Girl Handwriting – Fact or Myth?

Being overweight is not necessarily a personality issue. I have seen many thin, scratchy handwritings from overweight girls and many fat handwritings written by thin girls. So there is no correlation whatsover.

4 Comments / 1217 View / February 27, 2013

Autograph collecting

Autograph Collecting: A Million Dollar Industry from Signatures

Aside from the historical interest attached to autographs, I wonder if the owners of the signed postcards and pictures appreciate how much information can be extracted from the handwriting alone?

2 Comments / 232 View / February 12, 2013

Pretty Handwriting

Pretty Handwriting: What it Says about You

Pretty handwriting is not the be-all and end-all of style and desirability. If your handwriting is less than pretty – relax. It may just show a bit of individuality

7 Comments / 6991 View / January 16, 2013

Jack Lew and President ObamaLew-Obama

Jack Lew’s Loopy Signature

What a hooha – over a signature no less!  But then it isn’t just any signature. It is the august signature of America’s newly appointed Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew. And it will be gracing the face of all new dollar…

4 Comments / 1876 View / January 11, 2013

Giraffe personality

The Giraffe Personality

A person with a giraffe personality is usually a bit vague because he is an inveterate dreamer. He doesn’t always see the big picture because his head is always in the clouds. As a result, he is not firmly grounded and he doesn’t always have a balanced point of view.

1 Comment / 9401 View / January 3, 2013

Treasury of manuscripts

A Treasure Trove of Manuscripts with Untold Secrets

Old manuscripts are like hidden treasure to any graphologist – not only do they have historical value but they also reveal untold secrets about the writers’ personalities.

0 Comments / 67 View / December 30, 2012

Cinderella's spineless handwriting

Cinderella and her Spineless Handwriting

I have always thought of Cinderella as completely spineless and a typical “Goody Two-Shoes.” She was always uber-obedient and never answered back no matter how she was needled.

2 Comments / 481 View / December 11, 2012

Signs of Genius in handwriting

How to identify the Signs of Genius in Handwriting

 How to Identify the Signs of Genius in Handwriting There are various signs of genius in handwriting that point to intelligence, creative ability or giftedness of a special nature. You just have to know how to read the signs. There’s…

2 Comments / 20805 View / December 10, 2012

Susan Boyle handwriting

Susan Boyle’s handwriting and what it shows

This lovely clear sample of Susan Boyle’s handwriting shows a lot of natural warmth in her personality.

1 Comment / 420 View / November 29, 2012


Amazing images you can find in Signatures

It’s fascinating to see how the mind can introduce graphic images into our signatures. It’s a striking example of how a deep involvement with any interest such as ballet will find it’s expressive outlet in our handwriting.

5 Comments / 1259 View / November 26, 2012