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Chopin photograph

How Chopin’s Music and Passion are mirrored in his Handwriting

There I was thinking that Chopin was a gentle, cultured, highly sensitive soul. But what did his handwriting reveal?

2 Comments / 826 View / August 20, 2010

A Tolkien-like landscape

Tolkien, the Father of Modern Fantasy

Here is a sample of Tolkien’s handwriting, so artistically penned that it seem to have been done by an artist. It has an air of intellectuality combined with creativity.

8 Comments / 2426 View / August 16, 2010

The Need for Attention

The need for attention can manifest in strange ways and sometimes it takes on bizarre forms. But basically it’s about the need to be heard and a desire for recognition.

1 Comment / 212 View / July 12, 2010

The Inability to Assert Yourself

The inability to assert yourself is a fear that comes in many guises and it can have several repercussions. For reasons of your own you prefer to avoid even the tiniest possibility of a conflict.

1 Comment / 1434 View / July 8, 2010

Private Fears and personal demons

Private Fears and Personal Demons

Our private fears and personal demons may look small to someone else but in our own minds they loom hugely like dark, threatening shadows.

2 Comments / 681 View / July 5, 2010

Ugly handwriting

Ugly Handwriting and what it Says about You

Ugly handwriting is always individualistic because this type of writer is an independent thinker. You will notice that this writer does not always fit in with the expectations of society.

28 Comments / 450189 View / June 28, 2010

Napoleon -Type A Personality

The A-type Personality – 8 Handwriting Signs

The most obvious thing about A-type handwriting is that it shows energy – the latent energy of a coiled spring that looks as if it is ready to strike.

58 Comments / 6188 View / May 25, 2010

A dynamic personality

Do you have a Dynamic A-type Personality?

Do you see yourself as a dynamic A-type person with a dynamic personality? To qualify as an “A type personality” you would have to be energetic, enthusiastic and forward thinking.  You would also have to be bold and fearless and…

2 Comments / 1764 View / May 20, 2010

The real purpose of Graphology?

The Real Purpose of Graphology?

One of the most important benefits of Graphology is that it helps us to find the directions that speak to us. Directions that ultimately lead us along our own paths of personal discovery.

8 Comments / 779 View / May 4, 2010


How to be Popular – an Impossible Dream?

What if you could come up with a secret talent or an unusual and fascinating kind of interest that would give you confidence and make you feel a lot differently about yourself?

5 Comments / 50 View / April 20, 2010