The Tight Bud

The Tight Bud

The Tight Bud   And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. Anais Nin   This handwriting sample is a perfect example of the tight…

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Graphology Gems

Graphology Gems

Graphology Gems Welcome to Graphology Gems – a completely new category of mini blog posts that I have envisioned and thought about for a long time. These little “gems” have been inspired by memes and quotes from a variety of writers…

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Ancient wooden document with handwriting:

Is Handwriting a Dying Art?

Is handwriting a dying art or Is there still a place for the humble handwritten letter? The wooden tablet in the picture above with its brief handwritten message has lasted for almost 2000 years. Do you think a modern typed message…

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Famous signatures

14 Famous Signatures

Famous signatures have long been collected by people all over the world and throughout the ages. Being able to see what they actually reveal about the individuals concerned gives an added and exciting dimension.

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Donald Trump's Signature

Donald Trump’s Signature – what does it “really” say about him?

There has been a lot of to and fro in the media about Donald Trump’s signature since that now famous tweet by J.K. Rowling. Websites like Huffington Post and Mashable have had a field day discussing JK Rowlings’ tweet about…

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How to Spot Jealousy in just Two Lines of Handwriting

Jealousy often comes in disguise so we don’t always recognize it for what it really is – fear!

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Graphology and the Magic of Insight

Graphology and The Magic of Insight

Graphology and The Magic of Insight It’s widely accepted that Graphology has certain techniques that help you to understand different types of personality. But Graphology goes further than that. It gives you a type of understanding that goes well beyond…

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Learn handwriting analysis

An important Life Lesson from Graphology

Life Lessons from Graphology. I am often asked some rather unusual questions about graphology. But among the most thought provoking was the following: What is your most important take-away and the greatest lesson from graphology you have learned? I had…

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National Handwriting Day

Handwriting Infographic of 10 Famous People for National Handwriting Day

Handwriting Infographic of 10 famous people for National Handwriting Day National handwriting day is an officially recognized day in the United States. It has been established that the 23rd January should be an annual event to commemorate the importance of…

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Discover your secret self

How to Discover your Secret Self

Your secret self is really about who you are deep down. And because it comprises so much of your personality it affects every aspect of your life. It makes perfect sense to want to find out more about it. But…

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