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Graphology is the study of signs and symbols in handwriting in order to gain a clear understanding of the writer’s personality. A study of Graphology will give you a detailed understanding of your own or any other writer’s strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are a leader, a company director, a teacher, a human resources expert or simply someone who needs to understand a friend or associate better, Graphology will be a source of unequalled information for you.


I’m a professional graphologist with over 37 years of experience as a handwriting analyst. My personality assessments are used by recruitment companies and human resource professionals for employment selection. I’ve written 8 books on handwriting and graphology as well as numerous articles and blog posts. I have also authored a detailed graphology course.


If you’d like to know what sparked my interest in graphology here is a little about my story.



Sandra Fisher

Sandra Fisher

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How will Graphology help you?

Plain and simple: it will empower you and put you in the driver’s seat. Imagine being able to see the strengths and weaknesses of a job applicant without having to resort to complicated questionnaires! Imagine being able to understand the reasons behind conflict in all types of relationships business or personal. And imagine being consulted when insight into someone’s sincerity or true personality is required. All this and more is possible when you are proficient in Graphology

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