A Mouse Personality

A Mouse Personality in Handwriting

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The Mouse Personality

The handwriting of the mouse personality is diametrically opposed to that of the Lion Personality.

Here you see a very small, almost microscopic handwriting which is also vertical.

The letters are upright and do not lean to the right or to the left.

In addition to this, the words are widely spaced.

The Personality of the Mouse

When we put these handwriting indicators together, the overall picture we get is one of a person with an active intellectual life.

Not only does it show mental alertness; it also shows an intuitive awareness. But it is an awareness that will always be confined to a very small circle of well-known acquaintances.

As you can see from the tiny handwriting below, the mouse personality is shy, introverted and wary of people.



Handwriting of a Mouse personality

In addition to the small size, look at the wide spaces between the words and the left tendencies that pop up here and there.

In general the writing stays mostly within the safe confines of the middle zone and rarely peeps out!

Someone with this type of handwriting tends to focus and concentrate very meticulously on the task at hand.

It is clearly not an outgoing handwriting and the writer being a typical introvert lacks a certain amount of social ease.

It also shows modesty to the point of low self-esteem.

Check out the lion’s personality and you’ll see in an instant how different it is from the mouse’s personality!

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  1. Nice description of home mouse personality. Small down Slant on the T cross .

  2. Good observation, Earl. Those t-strokes are quite telling of the mouse personality.

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